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Watching Anime by 914four
Watching Anime
Newton on the sofa watching animé, wondering why there wasn't a neko (cat) team representing the Oorai Girl's School in the National "sensha-dō" games. Girls und Panzer is my son's favorite animé, and this morning we let his mum sleep in while "the boys" watched the last three episodes of the series. Pixel, our other grey cat, who loves to watch NASCAR on the television, wasn't in the least interested in joining us. It's interesting to see how different cats have different tastes. Newton never once glanced at the tv until last year, even during cat food commercials, but he is fascinated by laptops and CUCMe cameras (Skype/Facetime cameras for those of you born after 1995) and loves to see himself on the laptop screen, while Pixel is simply terrified of them.
Live steam model by 914four
Live steam model
At the Toronto Railway Museum, the Roundhouse Park Miniature Railway (RPMR) is a 7.25" gauge passenger-carrying miniature live steam railway. We took a tour of the grounds behind this little ten-wheeler and it was a very authentic experience!
CN 4803 take II by 914four
CN 4803 take II
High-nose GP7 built by GMD (General Motors Diesel) of London, Ontario, in August, 1953, as CN GR-15a 7558, it was renumbered to 4353 and 1703 before eventually wearing 4803, although it would have worn this number in the black and orange scheme while employed by Canadian National. This unit is considered pretty rare, as most GP7s and GP9s were either traded in or rebuilt with a low-nose cab. Note the flexicoil trucks.
CN 4803 by 914four
CN 4803
High-nose GP7 built by GMD (General Motors Diesel) of London, Ontario, in August, 1953, as CN GR-15a 7558, it was renumbered to 4353 and 1703 before eventually wearing 4803, although it would have worn this number in the black and orange scheme while employed by Canadian National. This unit is considered pretty rare, as most GP7s and GP9s were either traded in or rebuilt with a low-nose cab. Powered by a 16-cylinder type 567B diesel engine, the GP7 was rated at 1500HP. Each of the sixteen cylinders displaces 567 cubic inches, making total displacement over 9000 ci!
Remember kids, no matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationary.
Dorchester by 914four
The Champlain and Saint Lawrence Railroad, incorporated in 1832, was Canada's first railway. It ran between La Prairie on the Saint Lawrence river and Saint Johns (now Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu) on the Richelieu river. It was an alternate route on the journey from Montréal to New York, which then continued by steamer via Lake Champlain and the Hudson River. Construction began in 1835 with financing from Montreal entrepreneur and brewery owner, John Molson. The 16-mile (26 km) line was built to a 4 ft 8 1⁄2 guage, dictated by the equipment purchased in England. The rails consisted of 6 inch squared pine timbers, joined by iron plates and bolts, with iron rails spiked to the upper surface and laid across wooden ties.
The railway officially opened July 21st, 1836, and began regular operations on July 25th. In 1851, the railway was extended to Rouses Point, New York, and then in 1852 to St Lambert, Québec. In 1857 it was amalgamated into the Montréal and New York Railroad (formerly the Montreal and Lachine Railroad) under the name Montreal and Champlain Railroad Company. It was leased to the Grand Trunk Railway in 1864, and purchased by GTR in 1872.
This is a picture of my son with a functional reproduction (a 1:1 scale model :-)) of Canada’s very first locomotive, the wood-burning "Dorchester".  The Dorchester was built in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, by Robert Stephenson, son of George Stephenson who designed and built "The Rocket". A wood burning 0-4-0 design, it was the 127th locomotive built by Stephenson and was nicknamed "Kitten" by those who observed its uneven "skittish" ride – a result of the short wheelbase. Trial runs took place at night to avoid frightening the public; maximum speed was approximately 30 mph (48 km/h). This model is exhibited at Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum, located next to the right-of-way of the original Champlain & St. Lawrence Rail Road.
Trivia: Before the CZRR, my current fictitious model railroad, I built the C&StL, a fictitious model railroad based on the Champlain and Saint Lawrence Railroad having survived intact into the late 20th Century as a subdivision of the Canadian National (GT).
RS18 3684  by 914four
RS18 3684
Canadian National MR-18c (MLW RS18) was built in 1958 by Montreal Locomotive Works. Here she burbles happily in the sun outside the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) in Saint-Constant, Québec, on one of those rare occassions she is allowed to play in the yard.
MLW introduced the Alco 251B engine in late 1956 and put the 12 cylinder 1800 hp version in the RS-10 carbody to produce the uniquely Canadian RS-11M, later renamed the RS-18. CN purchased 131 units between 1956 and 1958 and numbered them 3615-3745 (MR-18b, c, d). In 1959 they purchased 30 more units fitted with a steam line (but not a steam generator) and numbered them 3100-3129 (MR-18e). The steam line allowed them to work as helpers on passenger trains without having to have their own generator. Finally a further 64 units were purchased in 1959 and 1960 and were numbered 3830-3893 (MR-18f, g).
Train Master by 914four
Train Master
The last surviving H24-66 Train Master in the world, in all of its glory, on display at the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) in Saint-Constant, Québec. This alone makes Exporail a destination IMHO.
Promoted by Fairbanks-Morse as "...the most useful locomotive ever built..." at introduction in 1953, the 2400 horsepower  H-24-66 (Hood-2400HP-6 wheels-6 wheels) Train Master was the most powerful single-engine diesel locomotive available until Alco introduced the RSD-7 in 1954. Appreciating its massive pulling power and excellent acceleration, Canadian Pacific bought six of them with steam generators for passenger service and 15 for freight (21 units in all.) The first came from Fairbanks-Morse (#8900, with a single steam generator) and the remaining twenty (8901-8904 with twin steam generators, 8905-8920 without) from CLC. As evident from the paint scheme, the long hood was the front, and the units with twin steam generators had the short hood the full width of the body; when CPR discontinued passenger service between Estavan, Moose Jaw and Winnipeg, they were rebuilt to run short hood forward and a normal width short hood was installed.
CN 6711 by 914four
CN 6711
Built in 1914, this General Electric DC-electric boxcab was used on the Deux-Montagnes commuter line until 1995. They certainly don't build 'em like they used to! Electric locomotives were required to bring trains through the 5 km long tunnel beneath Mount Royal as steam engines would have filled the tunnel with smoke. Originally built to operate on 2,400 volts DC, the line and these boxcabs were upgraded in the early 1980ies to operate on 3,000 VDC. 6711 pulled the last regularly scheduled DC-powered train through the tunnel in June, 1995. And no, that is not a Pennsy-type antenna on the roof!
I am planning on making a model of a pair of these in N scale using a Kato EH10 as a starting point.
2850 Closeup by 914four
2850 Closeup
Driving wheels and side rods of Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson 2850, which hauled the Royal Train during King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada in 1939. 2850 is currently stored indoors in non-running condition, on display at the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) in Saint-Constant, Québec. Cylinders are 22" x 30”, drivers are 75”, boiler pressure is 275 lb., tractive effort is 45,300 lb. with a top speed of 90 mph.
The CPR owned a total of 65 class H1 Hudsons (4-6-4s) built by  Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW), of which 30 were class H1c Royal Hudsons, numbered 2820-2849, built in 1937, 10 class H1d Royal Hudsons, numbered 2850-2859, built in 1938, and five class H1e Royal Hudsons, numbered 2860-2864, built in 1940. The remainder were regular Hudsons without streamlining.

I've heard that the origins of "Black Friday" stem from Friday, September 24, 1869, when an attempt by a few speculators to corner the US gold market was thwarted by then President Ulysses S. Grant, who released a large amount of government gold for sale, causing gold prices to plummet and creating a panic in the stock market. I have also heard that it is the day that most retail businesses begin making a profit, or get "in the black," and that with the year's sales before that date, retailers are traditionally operating at a financial loss, aka "in the red." Whatever the origins, Black Friday is a time for sales, and, not being one to miss an opportunity, both books are again on sale this year, please see… and…

The financial obligation portion of our journal out of the way, a brief rant I desperately need to get off my chest. Well, maybe not so brief. I'll try to make it brief though. Here be dark thoughts, readers bewarned!

One detail I didn't mention above is that Black Friday is the Friday after US Thanksgiving, and that's notable because, while some consider Thanksgiving to be a Christian-only holiday, it is probably (based solely on my own anecdotal experience) the one observed by the largest diversity of faiths in the US after the 4th of July. One of my Muslim friends is cooking his very first turkey this year (PM me if you want the recipe.) For all of my American friends, in light of the recent tragic world events, loss of lives, and personal struggles we face daily, may you use this Thanksgiving as a time of reflection, a chance to remember of the importance of family, friends, and those whose lives are influenced by our own.

What some Americans occasionally forget, however, is that no one else in the world celebrates Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November. Up here in Canada, for example, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October, even though we have Black Friday on the same day as you do.

Since my last journal, I've written about Canadian election attack adds, about the Volkswagen TDI scandal (I may still post that one at some point), about the recent Paris attacks, and a truly vitriolic piece about the Palestinian terrorists killing of Eitam and Na'ama Henkin that left their six children orphans. Four of them, the eldest nine and the youngest four months old, were in their car with them at the time and witnessed their parent's brutal murder. Not one of these “editorials” made it to posting after editing, I am just too angry these days, and do not want to unnecessarily darken my readers' lives. If you have been following my ramblings, you are probably aware that I am not a big fan of religion. I do, however, steadfastly respect and defend everyone's right to their own beliefs, as long as those beliefs do not comprise of “my rights trump yours” or psychopathic “destroy the infidels” type rhetoric. Such garbage is not condoned by any known religion, it is men and women who interpret their faith to support such things. Until such despicable individuals as ISIL/ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and PLO Chairman/Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas are acknowledged to be what they are, evil little god-emperors without divine mandate, there is little chance for peace in the world.
:iconrabbi-tom: has a great piece on Muhammad's take on the Paris killings, check it out here: Paris 11-14-2015 by RABBI-TOM

To add to the burden, I've lost another two friends and a family member during the month of October, another blow to my belief in my own immortality. This has encouraged me to try and be more attentive to those close to me, to be more present in their lives. I am reminded how lucky I am that I live in a country where I am more likely to win the lottery than to be shot dead at the wheel of my automobile, a country who currently has more communities offering to harbor Syrian refugees than the government is able to process this year (remember, Canada is a pretty small country despite our land mass; the entire Canadian combined armed forces are smaller than the US Marine Corps.) Yes, we have a dearth of refugees, does that not give you hope in some small way?

On this day of giving thanks, please take a moment to consider what you might do yourself to help that peace along. If you have children, love them, and make sure they know that they are loved so that evil men do not try to use them as weapons. I hope you are with your families, and if you are not, that you will at least call someone to tell them that you are thinking of them, and are thankful for them. My best judgement is screaming at me not to upload this journal either, but I've got to tell you about the book sale, right? Peace be with you.

We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” - Golda Meir

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"I don't have all the answers, but I certainly have a lot of questions." - me

Current Residence: :flagcanada: Canada, eh?
Why am I here? I joined :devart: because it kept coming up in Google searches for the words "Centaur" and "Kentauride." Since I'm currently in the process of writing a trilogy that features a young Kentauride in a modern setting, this seemed to be the place to hang out. :typerhappy:
Fortune by 914four

The first two books in the series are available at Amazon in Kindle form, with printed versions expected late summer 2014 soon.
Book three is scheduled for late 2015.

Tanita and Tanus, both Centaurs, are my OCs, as are Mark, David and Chloe who are all "normal," meaning that they buy shoes one pair at a time...

I'm also an avid transportation fanatic, do motorsports photography :firelite-photo:, ferroequinology photography, some basic photography (animals and landscapes mostly) and some freehand sketching on occasion. All of my submissions have ratings, some are free for you to do as you please with, others I'd rather not be used for commercial purposes because they may have trademarks or such that I cannot grant you rights for:skull:, and lastly some are personal and are shared simply because someone asked:idea:. I would respectfully request that you heed the rating as they are posted for each submission; just because one image is free for you to use doesn't mean that all are. I have several hundred thousand images stored on UDO and DDS media. Unfortunately the database linking to these images was lost due to bit rot (data corruption), so it is not a simple task to find anything; if I have promised to find an image for you, please be patient, as it can be very time consuming and I do have a day job. Lastly, I do not Photoshop any of my images, what you see is what I shot, unless otherwise indicated. Thanks. :-)

I am very open to comments and critiques, and encourage constructive criticism. If you didn't like it, tell me why, and I'll try and do better next time. I make every attempt to be fair and constructive in my comments, I appreciate it when others to do the same. I tend to use a lot of quotes in my posts, I collect quotes and use them liberally.

Also, if I should die, please do not let my wife sell my diecast or model train collections for what she thinks I paid for them.

Operating System: OSX, Solaris 10, Mint Linux
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Dumbest thing I can remember doing: Getting completely airborne in an '87 VW Fox
Smartest thing I can remember doing: Convincing my then girlfriend to move in with me
Strangest thing I can remember doing: Reading the entire "Mission Earth" series by L. Ron Hubbard.
Greatest accomplishment: My son
Personal Quote: You should never attempt to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.
Iconoclasm: I've thought of myself as an iconoclast ever since I first looked up the definition, some time ago. When I say iconoclast, I mean it in the nonconformist way, not one who destroys church property. I've always challenged the status quo, and nothing annoys me more than "That's the way we've always done it," with the possible exception of "That's not my job" and "Do you know who I am?" In my opinion, everyone deserves respect; some may have earned a bit more, but those who demand it deserve it just a bit less.
The boss: Intense by 914four

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